The interactive Mandelbrot set

Here is the new release of my Interactive Mandelbrot set applet !
It was compiled with the Linux JDK 1.01.

IMPORTANT : if you're using Netscape and you don't want your browser to freeze during computation, please check the slow checkbox. The computation will take more time but you'll still be able to use Netscape's menus.
If you don't check the slow checkbox, the computation will be done much faster but Netscape will freeze.
The slow method uses a sleep(timeout) in the computing thread, while the fast one uses a yield().
The only problem is that with Netscape, yield() does not seems to work fine ! ( it does work with the appletviewer ! )

Please be patient, this will take a while to appear on your screen ( a lot of computation to do ! )
If you want you can zoom into the image by clicking in the picture and holding down the mouse button to delimit the zooming area.

This applet will only be seen when viewed with a java aware browser like Netscape 2.0 ( for Unix, Win95, WinNT ... ).
If you don't already have it, you can download it now

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