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This 50 question quiz was created to entertain you and to test your knowledge of France.

Some questions are easy to answer and require only logic and common sense. Others may necessitate a small detour to FranceWay. Finally, some questions are a little more difficult and may require a little research at the library.

A monthly drawing amongst the most successful candidates (those who make 2 mistakes or less) will determine the ten winners who will be able to surprise their friends by having a postcard sent to them from Paris Mon Amour.

The FranceWay team wishes everyone good luck, and we invite you to participate in the creation of our next quiz. Please send your questions (with four responses) to us.


1 - The population of France is about
a- 27.5 million
b- 58 million
c- 80 million
d- 100 million
2 - France is
a- The largest country in Europe
b- larger than Italy but smaller than Spain
c- twice as large as Germany
d- as large as the state of Nevada
3 - Which of these bodies of water does not border France ?
a- The Baltic
b- The Mediterrannean
c- The English Channel
d- The Atlantic
4 - Which of these mountain ranges is not French ?
a- The Alpes
b- The Vosges
c- The Carpathians
d- The Pyrennes
5 - Corsica is
a- a French "departement"
b- a French island
c- a French region
d- a French city
6 - Brittany juts into the
a- Atlantic
b- Pacific
c- Mediterrannean
d- it does not border a sea
7 - The three largest French cities are
a- Paris, Lyon, Marseille
b- Paris, Lille, Marseille
c- Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux
d- Bordeaux, Marseille, Lille
8- The Rhine
a- runs only in France
b- has its source in France
c- traverses the Pas de Calais
d- borders Alsace
9- The territory of French forests
a- is gaining
b- is shrinking
c- is staying the same
d- is unknown
10- The city of Strasbourg is found
a- in Germany
b- in Alsace
c- in Lorraine
d- in Provence


11- Georges Pompidou is
a- a French president
b- a French painter
c- a museum of modern art
d- a French fashion designer
12- What is the color of the white horse of Louis XIV ?
a- black
b- black and white
c- brown
d- white
13- The Museum Eugene Delacroix is found
a- in Paris
b- in Marseille
c- in Lille
d- in Lyon
14- 70% of French electrical energy is provided by
a- fossil fuels
b- petroleum
c- hydroelectric power
d- nuclear power
15- France produces about
a- 110 cheeses
b- 350 cheeses
c- 50 cheeses
d- 400 cheeses
16- The Marais neighborhood (in Paris) is known for
a- buildings from the XVI I and XVIII centuries
b- modern office buildings
c- houses from the Haussmann period
d- pavilions
17- Haussmann is
a- a Parisian architect
b- a painter from Lyon
c- a banker from Lille
d- a French athelete who won a gold medal at the Olympic Games
18- The Canal of Bourgogne is
a- closed to navigation
b- used for maritime traffick
c- used for tourism
d- has been dry for 10 years
19- Wine from Bordeaux is made
a- in an AOC around Bordeaux
b- in California from French grapes
c- all over France
d- in Provence
20- French cheese is eaten primarily
a- with white wine
b- with red wine
c- with rose wine
d- with champagne
21- Dodin Bouffant is the name of a
a- famous french restaurant in Paris
b- French grand hotel
c- city in Provence
d- cheese
22- The "Tour de France" is
a- a bicycle race
b- a painting by Jibe in the Louvre
c- a temporary exhibition
d- a pilgrimage
23- The Eiffel Tower was constructed
a- with wood
b- with iron
c- with concrete
d- with iron and concrete
24- The Arc de Triomphe was made
a- in the 17th century
b- in the 18th century
c- in the 19th century
d- in the 20th century
25- The last meeting of the G7 was held in
a- Saint Tropez
b- Paris
c- Lille
d- Lyon


26- Vincent Van Gogh painted his last works
a- in Auvers Sur Oise near Paris (Ile de France)
b- in Aix en Provence (Provence)
c- in Arles (Provence)
d- in Rouen (Normandy)
27- The Cote d'Azur is found
a- in Normandy
b- in Languedoc-Roussillon
c- in Provence
d- in the Massif Central
28- The Pyrennes are found
a- only in France
b- in France and in Spain
c- in France and in Italy
d- in France and in Germany
29- What is the name of the international airport near Lyon ?
a- Satolas
b- Roissy
c- Charles de Gaulle
d- Marignanne
30- What city in the Rhone-Alpes region hosted the Olympic Games in winter of 1992 ?
a- Grenoble
b- Val Thorens
c- Courcheval
d- Albertville
31- In which department is found the famous "palais du Facteur Cheval ?"
a- Drôme
b- Isère
c- Loire
d- Ain
32- What is the exact day of the release of Beaujolais Nouveau ?
a- 15 September
b- All Saints Day
c- The third Thursday of November
d- There is no exact day
33- What is the name of the long underground passages which run beneath the houses in the oldest part of Lyon ?
a- the Andronnes
b- the traboules
c- the Magre
d- the Zymans
34- The Luberon is found in
a- Provence
b- Rhone-Alpes
c- Bourgogne
d- Belgium
35- Julien Motte is
a- a french singer
b- a paprika's lover
c- a frog eater
d- President Chirac's half brother
36- The Loire is
a- a river
b- a castle
c- a department
d- a chocolate cake
37- The "Tour de France" always finishes in
a- Marseille
b- Boulogne sur Mer
c- a different city
d- Paris
38- The Allied landing of June 1994 took place in
a- Italy
b- Normandy
c- Champagne
d- Provence
39- The French city bidding for the Olympic Games of 2004 is
a- Paris
b- Marseille
c- Lyon
d- Lille
40- The capital of the Champagne region is
a- Reims
b- Dunkerque
c- Perpignan
d- Auxerre


41- Which Roman general conquered Gaul ?
a- Scipio Africanus
b- Crassus
c- Caesar
42- Which is the ancestor of the kings of France ?
a- Odoacer
b- Merovee
c- Genseric
43- Where did Joan of Arc battle the English army ?
a- Domremy
b- Azincourt
c- Orleans
44- Which king of France bought the paintings of Leonardo de Vinci ?
a- Louis XI
b- Louis XIII
c- Francois I
45- How did Saint Louis, King of France, die ?
a- he caught a cold while attending Mass
b- he contracted the plague
c- he was killed by an assassin sent by his enemies
46- What were the last words of Louis XIV?
a- "I loved war and battle too much"
b- "What artist dies with me! "
c- "Paris, Paris martyred, Paris burned, but Paris saved!"
47- During the Revolution of 1789, Charlotte Corday, a young royalist, stabbed
a- Marat
b- Danton
c- Robespierre
48- What was the name of Napoleon's soldiers ?
a- the "Poilus"
b- the "Grognards"
c- the "Sans Culottes"
49- Which French general stopped the Germans at Verdun in 1916 ?
a- Joffre
b- Foch
c- Petain
50- Which President of the Fourth Republic was assassinated ?
a- Sadi Carnot
b- De Gaulle
c- Michel Sardou

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